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Through the use of the latest chiropractic equipment and 10 years of experience, optimal spinal health care is provided at this professional and friendly practice.


Acupuncture is an holistic ancient healing method using "acupoints" to assist the body to heal and stimulate improved body functiions.


With specialised and individual assessment, we provide orthotic support and care catered for each patient.

X-Ray Services

With on-site x-ray services, we provide assessments at the practice, saving you from extra referrals and appointments.

Welcome to Dee Why Chiropractic

Dee Why Chiropractic, the oldest Chiropractic service at Dee Why offers you health care and advice for a healthy lifestyle. Welcome to our clinic where effective high quality chiropractic care is administered after evaluating you on a case by case basis.

As your local chiropractor, our friendly clinic has taken care of your health and your family’s health goals. Dee Why Chiropractic is proud to state that we have been providing chiropractic care for many years which is evidence based, safe and gentle.

Working closely with local physicians, medical specialists, physiotherapists and podiatric consultants, Dee Why Chiropractic provides the required support services for follow-up treatment for full recovery. The availability of an in-house X-Ray Imaging facility enables us to diagnose and offer treatment for rehabilitation on the same day.

Our Difference

With over 10 years of experience we have found that there is no such thing as one technique fits or works for everyone. This is why Dr Simo Jovic chiropractor attends regular seminars and courses to acquire as many techniques and therapy tools to assist you as an individual.

There are many possible causes for back pain or neck pain and with a thorough examination a diagnosis can be made for the cause of your symptoms. Each case must be evaluated on an individual basis and recommendations are tailored to suite your needs.